PM will open next week.

Greeting Obliterati!

We hope you are all well during this pandemic and please keep distance in public places. 🙂

So we have some good news for you.

First, next week, as we planned, the pledge manager is going to start working. 

Second news that we moved production from China to Europe as the Chinese factory didn’t want to produce this volume of miniatures, so we are going to cast them in the EU. Of course, it costs us more but we guarantee that the quality will be the same as you saw in KC.

Many of you who have chosen the All in one pledge, mentioned in their survey that also wanted to buy add-on miniatures, we want to remind you that all add-on miniatures are included in this pledge.

Meanwhile, Sam and Matt are working on game design, and here is a photo of how Matt working hard on it.

We’ll let you know when the Pledge manager is ready.

MMG Team