Funded it.

We did it.

Thank-you everyone! 

You guys are absolutely awesome! We’re working on keeping you updated as to the upcoming stretch goals.

Keep in touch guys.

Magical Miniature Game Team.

4 thoughts on “Funded it.”

  • Eugene W

    Are you doing a late pledge on this?

    • admin

      Hi Eugene,

      Yes. Next week, we are going to open PM, you may see the link on the KC page.

      Many thanks

      MMG Team

  • Melanie

    Will these minis / the game be purchasable outside the Kickstarter for those who missed it?

    • admin

      Hi Melanie.
      Sorry for the delayed reply.
      Yes, You may buy all miniatures except the Kickstarter exclusive miniature in PM.
      The board game will be in KC in 2021.

      Best Wishes.
      MMG TEAM

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